"I had preconceived ideas that yoga was slow and boring and definitely not for me. I like running and football and extreme sports..... But I was wrong! My first class at The Rocket Club made me sweat more than a serious session in the gym and I came out with new bits aching. I love that! Certainly earned the lying-down part at the end."

Josh McArthur

"I was worried it would be full of bendy girls and me, stiff as a plank in the corner. But there were always alternatives to any of the crazier poses so I never felt silly or left-out and there were even some things I totally surprised myself in being able to do. Felt great after- highly recommend to anyone who thinks yoga isn't for them."


"I only ever tried Bikram before and thought that was my thing until i tried out the rocket class. i couldn't believe how much it worked me but i felt amazing afterwards, i discovered muscles i never knew i had. i couldn't believe how much i sweated considering it wasn't the room making me hot but my own physical effort. I've already started noticing a difference in my fitness and my energy levels are at an all time high!"


"I thought I had the whole Vinyasa flow, music, energy yoga thing down but The Rocket Club Made me up my game! Love those guys."

Shiva Rea

"They messed with my system! But I loved the energy still. And the tunes!"

Pattabhi Jois


  1. I've tried several types of Yoga over the years and never cared for finding my 'type', but my first class of Rocket Yoga a few weeks ago was by far the best class ever, after childbirth my body was reticent to find its flexibility and my mind was constantly thinking of sleeping... I felt incredibly energised and exhilarated after that first hour, I found the Yoga that best fits me!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Silvia! Look fwd to seeing you back in class :)